2 in 1 transformer

2 in 1 transformer
Product Description

2 in 1 transformer


  • Capacity :Up to 10000 KVA
  • No. of Phases :3 Phase
  • Frequency :50 Hz.
  • Voltage Range :11 KV/ 33 KV
  • Tapping :-30% to +20%
  • Insulation :Class ‘A’
  • Vector Group :Dyn 11
  • Duty Cycle :Continuous
  • Winding :Copper Wound
  • Terminals :As per required


  • Rating & Diagram plate :Earthing terminals
  • Lifting lugs :Thermometer pocket
  • Oil Conservator with drain plug :Air release hole with plug
  • Oil Level indicator :Explosion vent with diaphragm
  • Top-filter Valve :Inspection cover
  • Silica gel breather :Drain –cum-bottom-filter valve
  • Cooling radiators :Uni / Bi- directional rollers


  • Utilization of the Distribution Transformer is to its full capacity as the H.T. AVR shares the load of the Transformer and the connected load.
  • Losses are less as the incoming voltage either low or high is corrected at the initial stage only.
  • Fluctuations in the H.T. Supply are not passed on to the Distribution Transformer.
  • Installation Cost is less in comparison to L.T. Automatic Servo Voltage Stabilizer, for higher ratings.
  • Single Unit of H.T. Automatic Servo Voltage Stabilizer can be connected to more than one Distribution Transformer.
  • Economical for huge capacities like 2500 KVA and above or for wide voltage fluctuation range (eg. 8 KV – 13 KV, 28 KV – 36 KV etc.)
  • Can be placed anywhere on the feeder line.
  • Motor fitting is external, so any change of the motor or motor shaft can be easily done without opening the top cover.
  • Output Voltage of H.T. AVR remains constant at any connected Load and up to full load.
  • Response time for Voltage correction is 20 micro seconds.
  • Low replacement cost
  • 5% to 10% saving on energy consumption
  • Reduction in breakdown period of the machines
  • 100% capacity
  • On Load step-less voltage variation


  • Low replacement cost.
  • Undistorted output characteristics ie. No wave from distortion.
  • Moving parts on L.T. side and its mass is extremely low, only few lb-inch torque.
  • Energy savings.
  • High efficiency (about 99%) and minimum no load losses.
  • Simplicity and flexibility of design
  • On load stepless voltage variation
  • Long service life
  • Impulse tested
  • Regulating coils are wound with rectangular conductors on their edge, thus giving high mechanical strength compared to other designs.


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