H.T. Transformer with built in AVR

H.T. Transformer with built in AVR

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H.T. Transformer with Built in Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
RELIABLE'S make transformer with built in Automatic Voltage Regulator is a unique product. The incoming supply from the "GRID" sometimes fluctuates widely and after the installation of standard distribution transformer the customer faces low/high voltage problem on the L.T. side affecting the rated voltage of the machines and thereby damages motor & other sophisticated equipments.

The standard off-circuit tapping of the transformer can correct the voltage while in on load condition. RELIABLE'S has developed transformer with built in H.T. AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE REGULATOR and operate on load sleeplessly and can also be installed either Indoor or Outdoor.

The equipment are basically combination of standard Distribution Transformer and H.T. Automatic The incoming fluctuating H.T. supply IS initially stabilized then fed to Transformer and thereby the L.T. output is maintained within ± 1% accuracy. The design is robust and needs no regular maintenance.

Advantage of built in H.T. Automatic Voltage Controller.
  • Reduced installation cost
  • Space Saving
  • Better efficiency
  • Reduction in electricity bill
  • Protection of Motor & Lighting Load
Separate Regulator Tank
Inner View of The Regulator